The Book(s)

Illegal (Yasadisi) was published, in Turkish on March 2006.  Due to pressing demand, the English version of the book has been published online and given free access in 2015. A book of photography, Illegal tells the stories of two women, illegal refugees, trying to survive in Istanbul.

Turkey, with its membership to the European Union pending, was one of the signatories of the 1951 Geneva Convention. However the country chose to use the “geographical limitation” option while signing the 1967 protocol, expanding the geographical definition of the word “refugee”.

Currently, refugees from different parts of the world other than European countries taking refuge in Turkey are not recognized as such, but are categorized as asylum seekers, thus being resettled in third countries once their cases have been tried and accepted.

The book takes a point in time from the lives of two African women, single mothers, barely grown-ups themselves, faced with bureaucracy and policies way out of their reach, trying to hold a firm grip on life. And their stateless children…

West-end of the Border was published online on June 2010. This e-book of documentary photography – one of the first of its kind – is a collection of refugee accounts from the camps in Chad, on west-end of the border from Darfur.


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